Transparency & openness

The power of a leaf

Many people have simply no idea how things grow. Where food comes from. How a seed becomes a sprout becomes a plant. Showing them this simple but fascinating process is not just information, it's a way of understanding our food.

Understanding our food help us pick better ingredients when we shop. It allows us to know the difference between something outstanding and something so-so. Or more simply, the difference between cilantro and parsley.

By teaching our kids how to spot great, fresh food, we're involving them in the cooking process, which opens up our palates and our mind to new cuisines and ingredients.

Sustainability & technology

Indoor farms are exciting places to learn about hydroponics, LED lighting and other technology that reduces the environmental footprint of modern farms. There are few places where people can see this in action, because most vertical farms are shut off to the public.

Our vision is for visitors to be able to experience these new technologies, learn from our guides, and discover the future of farming, right near where they live.

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