who we are

We’re the neighborhood farm. Our main location is at 625 Bergen Street in Brooklyn, New York.

We grow unique luxury salad greens, specialty herbs, edible flowers and micro greens, serving chefs and consumers. We also use these ingredients in our specialty beverages. Our vertical farm grows indoors year-round, right in the heart of the city.

Everything you receive from us is from the day of harvest. There is nothing fresher or more flavorful. Visit our showroom, take a tour, enjoy botanical beverages and experience live events.

We built our farm to be sustainable to the highest standard, equitable in employment, beneficial to the community, and delightful.


It's our job to farm and serve you in the most sustainable way possible.

We only serve our local area. This means practically zero food miles.

Our indoor farm grows year-round with zero pesticides, and far less water than traditional farms.

We pack in reusable containers, eliminating single use plastic packaging waste.

We source our energy from renewables. Our long-term plan is to achieve net carbon zero farming.


We believe in long-term careers, not ‘gigs’. We provide real jobs with health insurance, dental, vision, life insurance and other benefits.

Our farm is transparent and accessible. We work with schools and nonprofits to provide access to the farm and education around indoor farming.


Farm.One was founded in 2016 with a small farm at the Institute of Culinary Education in downtown Manhattan, with the vision of providing restaurants with specialty ingredients grown right here in New York. Our first customer was restaurant Daniel.

In 2017, we moved to a larger underground space in Tribeca, in collaboration with restaurant Atera.

During the restaurant closures of 2020-2022, we opened our 10,000sqft Neighborhood Farm space in Brooklyn and started our weekly greens subscriptions.

For financial reasons, the farm closed in early 2022, and the company drew close to permanent closure. In late 2022, Farm.One was revived by a new investor, DK-Bell Holdings.


Vertical farming is a newly-developed practice of stacking multiple LED-lit plant growth layers, in a controlled environment.

This method of farming is ideal for growing in an urban environment. When brought to its full potential, it can maximize crop yield, flavor and freshness while minimizing waste.

At Farm.One, we have developed a mix of proprietary software and hardware, with a specific focus on flavor. We combine our own technology with the best commercially-available vertical farming systems.


Natan Charytan, Farmer
Amere Deloatch, Courier
Coy Eakes, Brewery Director
Kate Ginna, Events and Program Manager
Dan Hubel, Farming Director
Robert Laing, Founder
Kate Lodvikov, Farming Director
Kari Lopez, Farmer
Derek Pitts, CEO
Jared Pitts, Facilities Director
Francesca Santos-Vargas, Front of House Manager
Jose Solano, Porter
Adrienne Sorg, Retail Manager
Robert Stelzner, Sales Director
Fernando Vazquez, Packing Manager