Join one of our famous tasting tours at our indoor farm in Brooklyn. Discover brand new flavors. Learn the science of plant growth and the latest indoor farming technology. Immerse yourself in a world of edible botanicals. Connect with fellow plant-lovers. Our farm is transparent, open and accessible to all.*

If you are a foodie, techie, self-proclaimed geek, environmentalist, or just someone looking for a totally new and unique experience, come tour our Brooklyn indoor hydroponic farm!

Farm.One grows a huge selection of rare herbs, edible flowers and microgreens for New York's top restaurants right here in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. We invite you to visit our 100% operational production facility and experience our rainbow of flavors and textures in this one-hour, interactive tour.

To book a private tour for a group, please email with your request, number of guests, desired date, and any additional details.

*Please note, as we are a functioning food facility, we cannot accommodate service dogs on the farm. Feel free to join us in our Brew Lab space which is dog friendly.

Picking a fresh leaf from the farm.


Ask questions to our passionate tour guides in a small group setting

Access to our completely indoor controlled environment farm right here in Brooklyn.

Visitors taking a hydroponics class


See how rare culinary plants grow from seed to harvest

Taste herbs we guarantee you’ve never, ever tried before.

Visitors looking at the farm


Learn about the cutting-edge tech behind our farm

Discover the science of hydroponics and indoor growing with hands-on experiences.


Where is the farm located? At 625 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238. We are two blocks from the Barclays center, close to the 2/3, 4/5, B/Q, A/C and G trains and near to a number of great local restaurants.

Is this the facility accessible for those using a wheelchair? Yes! Please let us know in advance.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? No minimum age requirements for entry for tours. All children must be accompanied by an adult. 

Do I need to purchase a ticket for my child? Children under the age of 12 may join the tour (accompanied by an adult) without a ticket. For children ages 12+, please purchase them their own tour ticket.

What can I bring into the tour? This is a functioning commercial farm, so no outside food or drink may be brought inside. Please ensure you wear clean clothes and shoes with no trace of soil or other potential contamination on them. You will be asked to change into a lab coat, hairnet, and shoe covers before entering the farm. Coats, bags, and other bulky items can be left in cubbies we provide. Dogs are not allowed inside the farm.

Should I tip my tour guide? No thank you. All of our tours follow our "No Tipping, Please" policy. While we appreciate your generosity, please express your gratitude via non-monetary means such as a friendly comment or a kind review.

What's the cancellation policy? Reservations for tours are pre-paid and non-refundable. Guests, however, can reschedule their tour to another date for no additional cost if reschedules are made are made 48 hours in advance of the original tour date. All other events are non-refundable.

What's the rescheduling policy? Reschedule more than 48 hours in advance for no additional fee. Any changes made within 48 hours will be considered a cancellation. 

Can I give my reservation away to a friend? Yes. The reservation is completely transferable. Another patron should take care to ensure that they have received a formal transfer of the reservation through the official website. We cannot accept responsibility for forgeries or misrepresentations. The same rescheduling and cancellation policy applies. 

How do I transfer my reservation? To transfer a reservation, log in to your account and then select, “Reservations”. Each reservation has a transfer button next to it.

What happens if I am late for the reservation? The tour will begin promptly on time. If you are late for your reservation, our staff will ensure that you are able to join the group. The tour will, however, still end at its regularly scheduled time. 


Had a great evening at Farm.One, fun tour, knowledgeable, welcoming staff. Learned a lot, ate a near salad bowl of samples, and walked away with a gift. Well worth! (5 out of 5 stars)

Nora M, Yelp Review

Best and cutest urban farm ever, and it’s amazing that they are right on top of Atera! We were lucky that the CEO Rob was there for our group tour. All of us loved tasting the herbs with Rob’s generous prosecco pours and wide knowledge in microgreens! I also took home a cute growing kit which was a surprise. Can’t say enough good things about the tour at Farm.One! (5 out of 5 stars)

Amy Ho, Google Review

A fun tour for foodies and friends...totally recommend as an evening of educational fun! (5 out of 5 stars)

Piper Rogers, Google Review

I will admit...I did not know what a hydroponic farm was prior to touring this place but my bf brought me here on Saturday evening, and we had a great time. Dana was our guide, and she walked us through the 1200 square foot hydroponic farm - situated in a building in Tribeca, right below Altera. Very interesting to learn about hydroponic farms (growing plants/herbs/flowers without soil, and 90% less water than traditional farming). This one in particular caters to local chefs of some of the top restaurants in the city. With free-flowing Prosecco in hand (great touch), we sampled a number of very unique + interesting herbs, and learned which chefs/restaurants/bars use them for what types of dishes/drinks. Super cool experience, would def recommend. (5 out of 5 stars)

Kanan M, Yelp Review

Ok, I signed up just to write this review. I wasn't expecting much from the tour, but it totally blew my mind. It's so fun!! I know farming and hydroponics don't exactly scream a grand ol' time, but the tour is super entertaining... especially since you do the whole thing with a big glass of prosecco. The farm itself is pretty small, but they pack the space with more plants than you think possible. We walked through aisles of greens, learning about & tasting exotic little herbs and plants; the most memorable being a flower that fizzed like pop rocks. BUT what really made it a five-star experience was our awesome guide Brittany. Her enthusiasm was so infectious, and she had an answer to every weird question we threw at her. The girl knows her stuff, and I'm pretty sure she's going to run the place one day. Anyway, if you're looking for something quirky and fun to do, this is definitely it. (5 out of 5 stars)

Katie Y, Yelp Review

My partner and myself visited the Friday before last. We were hosted by Dana who has a great wealth of knowledge regarding the hydroponics system and plants being cultivated at the farm and is overall a cool person. It was really a very unique experience, if you are interested whatsoever in culinary arts or hydroponic farming it is very worthwhile. We had prosecco and sampled a variety of the plants, my favorite of which were definitely the two spiciest, "Wasabi Arugula" and "Green Wave" mustard greens... amazing, i could eat that stuff all day! I was daydreaming about a full salad of wasabi arugula lol. There is also a surprise towards the end that I wont go into detail about but it was definitely an experience completely of its own. I had imagined that the farm would be slightly larger but i totally understand in regards to space in NYC, you have to make due and be smart with the space available. The racks that hold the plants are actually pretty neat themselves. Also since they share the basement space with two Michelin star restaurant Atera it was very cool to see all the chefs and waiters rushing around taking care of everything. Definitely worth checking out! (5 out of 5)

Noreaster 3, TripAdvisor Review

Educational and interactive! I went on thr tasting tour with my gf and friend and had a really fu time. The tour starts by going over the facility, which is located under a restaurant. There they grow a number of unqiue herbs for other restaurants throughoit the city that are hard to source locally. During the tour you taste many if these plants and have a glass of wine. Overall the experience was great. I learned a ton about plants unfamiliar to me and the last plant you get to taste is wild! Very fun for dates or groups. (5 out of 5 stars)

Andreas Vagelatos, Google Review

Amazing operation where they grow microgreens for high end restaurants. Tours where you get to taste the herbs are available. (5 out of 5 stars)

Gregor J Rothfuss, Google Review

I recently went on a tour of Farm.One and while I admit I was already pretty enthusiastic about the company going in, the actual tour still really exceeded my already-high expectations. First of all, I have to just note that this team really thinks of everything, and makes all parts of the tour equally informative and fun, infusing the entire experience with education and humor. I was lucky enough to have Brett as my guide (though based on his performance, I imagine all the guides are spectacular), and he really went above and beyond from start to finish. Right when I arrived, we were all given lab coats and hairnets in order to "protect" the plants from potentially harmful elements carried in from outside, and Brett made sure to explain the reasoning behind this, and continued to be extremely explanatory, helpful, and patient throughout the tour. This theme of depicting plants as real, living, breathing organisms is one that pervaded the entire tour, and I think it was my favorite part. Even though I've always known that plants are "alive," the care and tenderness with which Brett described the importance of nurturing and caring for them, as well as his explanations about how easily they can get 'sick' or 'die,' made me appreciate their vulnerability, and the need for conservation on a whole new level. The tour was so enjoyable, tasty, and educational, and an experience that delivered great value. $50 might seem expensive, but Brett went over the promised hour, took time to answer every single question, and we all got to walk away with a gift at the end. 10/10 would do again. (5 out of 5 stars)

Sara Ackerman, Google Review

Worth the visit! Great, informative tour guides and such an amazing place. Loved hearing about the different plants and what can grow in NYC. (5 out of 5 stars)

Lorelei D, Yelp Review

I took an intro class at Farm One and had a great time. I got to see the facilities and learn about hydroponic systems, taste the food Farm One grows, and learn about how they partner with local chefs and restaurants. If you're interested in sustainable, urban agriculture, I thoroughly recommend taking a class or a tour of Farm one! (5 out of 5 stars)

Cody C, TimeOut Review

The tour was awesome, the guide was super knowledgable and let us taste everything on the farm. It was a great date for my girlfriend and I. They even gave us some proseco to sip on while we tasted the different herbs and spices. Will definitely be going back. (5 out of 5)

John B, TripAdvisor Review

Lovely tour, was perfect for date night with my girlfriend, who has a green thumb and loves edible plants, and of course I happen to love Prosecco and bougie food. This underground hydroponic farm supplies micro-greens to a number of Michelin-starred restaurants in NYC -- we got to see and taste various specimens, many of which I had never tasted before. Pretty cool. (5 out of 5 stars)

Ed H, Yelp Review

Had an awesome time touring Farm.One. Got to learn so much about the whole process of a hydroponic Farm and everyone there was super knowledgeable and fun to talk with. Fun option for a date night! (5 out of 5 stars)

Nick G, Yelp Review

If you're a foodie, you have to go! What a great experience to tour Farm.One! Dana was our guide and she was a delight - very knowledgeable about the equipment and plants. The space is smaller than I expected but they maximize it by the type of equipment they have. I was able to get a small discount on the tour price by signing up for their emails on their website. They send out periodic discount codes so be sure to check out their website. I also purchased a deluxe gift box for $15 and was astounded by the number of herbs and microgreens given for the price. If you go, be sure to get that box as it was certainly worth it. (5 out of 5)

DestinyRides, TripAdvisor Review

Farm manager Justin provided us an excellent informative visit to . Justin gave us a very detailed explanation of the operation and the various plants. The technology used to monitor and manage growth and the organic pesticide free environment is impressive. The finale with the “toothache" plant will be something we never forget. (5 out of 5)

Chris T, TripAdvisor Review

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed the tour and time Rob took to explain how their hydroponic system functions and a description of each herb/greens we were sampling. I went with some basic knowledge of hydroponics and was astonished to actually see two different systems function before me. The creativity, dedication, and love that the members of give into their work is admirable. Everything we tasted was fresh and unique in flavor. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in innovative food production and a glimpse into the future of farming. (5 out of 5 stars)

Ana Cristina O, TimeOut Review

I visited NY to learn about the new trends on food production. This tour gave me a glimpse of the new possibilities that are creating innovative companies and a new variety of tastes that I had never experiences. I'm trilled to see how this new alternatives evolve and how they become part of our day to day life. I recommend this tour for people passionate for food and agriculture. (5 out of 5)

Dario G, TripAdvisor Review

The tour was a great experience and I love this place! I highly recommend it for dates or small adult groups or families who like gardening or agronomy. I found them on google while looking into hydroponic gardening. My boyfriend and I got a glass of Prosecco from the guide and asked a ton of questions as she showed us around. The guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She took time to explain and let us taste several plants throughout the 1-hour session. This is a super unique and innovative spot! This place is an example of why NYC is a great city for high quality innovation. I let my friends at work taste all the leaves and flowers they gave me and now colleagues want to visit. I also bought the founders book and will read it.

Eric S, Yelp Review

Such an unexpected place to find in Manhattan. It was a fascinating tour, learned a lot about indoor farming. Got to taste some of the produce. The flavours of the herbs were so intense - really got your taste buds going! The Prosecco was a nice touch too. It was refreshing to visit a place like this. (5 out of 5)

LindsCC777, TripAdvisor Review

Took the Intro to Hydroponics class with David and Rob. Absolutely loved it. They were extremely thorough in explaining hydroponic processes and systems while answering any questions that were thrown their way. We got to plant some seeds for them :P and was given a gift of some very fragrant Thai Basil. I have some propagations of it in my system now! Highly recommend checking out Farm.One. Very inspiring. (5 out of 5 stars)

Daniel Goldstein, Google Review

Great tour! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Brought a party of 10 on a private tour. Brought the price of visiting down greatly per person. Was a great novelty city event. Try to let your party know to arrive a bit early! :) You will be putting on some lab coats and hair and shoe nets. Staff was very kind and knowledgeable answered many questions from the group. Tried around 10 different herbs/plants and each was distinct. Got a bit of insight into the creation of the farm and their distribution to high end restaurants. (5 out of 5 stars)

E Resnick, Google Review

I took the Farm Tour & Tasting session and had an absolute blast. So interesting to be exposed to this world that I had no idea existed, and taste some of the most unexpected and interesting things I've ever tasted. The prosecco went down a treat as well. A really enjoyable event. (5 out of 5 stars)

Chris S, TimeOut Review

I had seen Farm.One on Instagram and thought what they were doing was a great step towards farming local and reducing our ecological footprint. I realized they had tours and decided to buy my partner tickets to tour the facility, being that he also enjoys gardening and trying to stay sustainable. We did not know what to expect because we were going to tour a farm in NEW YORK CITY, a place of only concrete and large buildings. We walked up to a building, up an elevator, through a hallway, and stumbled upon a window with a door next to it that said "ring the doorbell". Once we walked in we were greeted by two friendly smiling faces, and they walked us through the next steps. I want to leave some things out so you could be as surprised as we were. It was a great experience, a great cause, and something very different to do while in New York. I highly recommend going to Farm.One and spreading the word because we need more local hydroponic farms. (5 out of 5 stars)

GJ C, Yelp Review

This was an amazing experience. I was looking for something new to do with friends visiting and I'm so glad we found this. Maya, our tour guide, was super knowledgeable and fun + the prosecco was delicious. It's awesome to see this sustainable oasis exists in our chaotic city. Would definitely go back for classes in the future! (5 out of 5 stars)

Morgan F, Yelp Review

We had a blast doing this tour. It's the future of farming, people!! Check it out!! Ina (hope I'm remembering her name right!) was so knowledgeable and friendly, and we got to sample lots of different microgreens. The tastes were mind-blowing. Inspired me even more to try some indoor growing at home. (5 out of 5 stars)

Floyd Jones, Google Review

Amazing and insightful is the way to describe this tour. We were given a hand up close and personal look at the farm, it’s crafts, and how everything works. Very interesting and educational, but not boring at all. They give you some sparkling wine to drink while you also get some tastes of the plants and crops. Definitely a fantastic way to learn something new and see something unique. (5 out of 5)

Matthew F, TripAdvisor Review

This is one of the best tours I have ever taken my kids on. It would even be great for adults and just an evening event. Kids got to see a farm in the middle of Manhattan and reinforce the science fundamentals taught in school. My daughter came away understanding photosynthesis better because it isn’t a traditional diet farm. Adults loved the tour cause it is an opportunity to widen your culinary palate by tasting all these specialty herbs This was a great tour that I would recommend over any other culinary tour in the city. (5 out of 5)

jjasonmullins, TripAdvisor Review

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed the tour and time Rob took to explain how their hydroponic system functions and a description of each herb/greens we were sampling. I went with some basic knowledge of hydroponics and was astonished to actually see two different systems function before me. The creativity, dedication, and love that the members of give into their work is admirable. Everything we tasted was fresh and unique in flavor. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in innovative food production and a glimpse into the future of farming.

Ana Cristina Binkert, Google Review

The tour of this amazing urban farm is fascinating and so much fun! You also get to taste your way through countless herbs, plants, and flowers that are being grown for the best chefs in New York City. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and did an excellent job leading our small group. Highly recommend planning your own tour ASAP! (5 out of 5 stars)

Jonathan Rose, Google Review

Pretty nice learning experience. The plants tasted great and the tour guide was very helpful.

Irisa Llana, Google Review

Perhaps the top 10 things to do in NYC. A date? Yes. For research? Yes. The most Avant-Garde form of sustainable farming. (5 out of 5 stars)

Frank Beltre, Google Review

What a fabulous experience!! The guide was so knowledgeable and nice. Taste everything, but beware of the last herb, it's a doozy :) :) (5 out of 5 stars)

Tammy W, Yelp Review

The "Intro to Indoor Growing" class is the perfect first step for those interested in the emerging industry of indoor growing, but have no hands on experience. I left this experience with a handful of useful, new knowledge and I cannot wait to take another class. (5 out of 5 stars)

William D, TimeOut Review

Unique. Cool. Worth it! What. cool experience. I took my husband here for Valentines Day. I bought the tour from CourseHorse online. It was perfect. Totally unique, our tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended. Only an hour! (5 out of 5)

Michelle R, TripAdvisor Review

We went to a cocktail class here after a friend recommended the tour. Such a lovely staff and amazing space. If you are in the midst of winter blues, the farm makes a wonderful remedy! So glad we booked! (5 out of 5 stars)

Katharine King, Google Review

I have been fascinated with CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) High Density Vertical Farming for some time. Companies like Gotham Greens and Plenty are the Factory versions of this concept - Farm.One is very different and Unique. They grow some of the finest herbs and microgreens I have ever tasted and are suppliers to many fine NY City restaurants. The tour was Great - even my wife who is not into CEA was fascinated - I would recommend this tour to anyone who loves food, gardening, herbs and a different and fun experience. (5 out of 5)

Gustav OKeiff, TripAdvisor Review

We visited Farm.One with our IGLUS Executive Master students as a part of our training event in NYC. The city itself has various kinds of urban farms but Farm.One stands out with their professional, indoor hydroponic approach. There are a lot of different plants inside and the staff is very friendly. I can say that they take such visits very seriously. I would recommend you to take the tour if you are interested in urban farming or just curious about the idea of farming indoors. (5 out of 5)

Umut Alkim Tuncer, TripAdvisor Review

Great place excellent service and it really opens your eyes to farming. Extremely enriching for all to learn about how a farm works. (5 out of 5 stars)

Christine S, Yelp Review