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Catch us at Whole Foods

Enjoy the new Farm.One installation
at Whole Foods Manhattan West,
serving basil for pizzas and cocktails


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Our Experiences are part of our mission to show how food and farming can be the heart of our communities once again.


Re-opening with NYC's best chefs

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Experience our farms

At Farm.One we have pioneered the idea of open, accessible farms that the public can enjoy. Discover, learn and be delighted through in-person tasting tours, classes and other experiences.

We now also offer online experiences, where anyone from anywhere can enjoy and learn from our farm team.


Wholesale for Chefs & Bartenders

Our unique production methods grow over 700 different microgreens,and rare herbs year-round. We grow to order, and deliver directly within just hours of harvest to 40+ of New York's best restaurants and bars.

To join them in receiving the freshest product in NYC, contact us or browse our Wholesale Catalog.

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Vertical Farms

From in-store displays, to mini farms, to full-size flagship locations, we are the only company with experience of building functional, specialty, accessible vertical farms.

Work with our team to build the right vertical farm for you.


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