Intro to Hydroponics 8/29

August 29, 2024

6:30 pm



Learn how to grow herbs, greens, micros & flowers indoors with hydroponics in a controlled environment and artificial light. Farm.One in Prospect Heights grows hundreds of rare herbs, edible flowers, and microgreens for the best chefs in New York. Your entire class will be held inside the farm - there is no other hydroponic learning space like this!

This introduction to the high-tech world of indoor growing will open your eyes to the possibilities of year-round, pesticide-free, high-quality, high-yield agriculture suitable for any size. Students get hands-on experience from seed to harvest under the guidance of our Director of Farming, Kate Lodvikov.

Students of all experience levels and all backgrounds are welcome. Classes are limited to 12 students, enabling plenty of one-on-one instruction.

In this 120 minute course, you will learn about:

* The Principles of Hydroponics
* Hydroponic Systems
* Climate & Nutrients for your Crops
* Growing & Managing from Seed to Harvest
* Avoiding Pests without Pesticides
* Pruning & Harvesting for Best Yield

About Kate Lodvikov

Kate has operated a number of vertical farms in NYC. Currently she is the Director of Farming at Farm.One. She is an instructor at the New York Botanical Garden and teaches a yearly class on hydroponics.

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