Kings County Fair

June 15, 2024

11:00 am



Saturday & Sunday (6/15-16)

11:00AM - Close


Our botanical bretheren at LESCSS will be selling 100's of plants sourced from the best, oldest & strangest collections the East Coast has got to offer.

X3 daily. Times to be announced day of, maybe sooner. These will be free, and you get to see behind the scence of the wizard's palce—it's both magical, and total logical. A true joy!

The artist-run clothin brand will be live printing! There will be many designs/layouts to choose from + some collaborative editions!

The plant design studio of NYer Olivia rose, will have botanically-focussed wares and a truly freaky plant modification demo—bring something from your collection to get a body-mod.

Russell is chefing up some tasy treats all sources from the hydroponic gardens of He'll also be making a divine dressing to pair with your little treat.

Is there anything he can't do? Russell will also be parting ways with books, posters, epherma, etc. from his personal collection. Everything from the Whole Earth Catalog, to rare works of poetry—they'll turn any philistine into an intellectual.

  • Kissing Booth
    Maybe dogs/pups, maybe African hissing roaches...maybe both & more?

an online and print magazine about designing the future of food. Through in-depth, original reporting and a distinct vision for how design can transform our food system, our editors cover innovative ideas emerging from the world of food design and technology.

For humans young & old, the club will be facilitating drawing/painting activities throughout the day. Stop by and make an artifact to commemorate the day.

(we hear there may be free soil/compost...) The Lower East Side Ecology Center has pioneered community-based models in urban sustainability since 1987. We provide unique e-waste and composting services, environmental stewardship opportunities, and educational programming to all New Yorkers to create an equitable, resilient, and sustainable city.

Members of the NHT extended family will be providing audio-delights in the full spectrum of medium, setting the tone for day's happenings & Nuke Watch.

The world’s first health-focused urban lifestyle brand.

Artisanal smoked hot pepper sauce & smoked chili crisp tasting. Handcrafted in small batches. Made in Brooklyn.

New England-tyle shrimp rolls, smoked sausage, and smoked barbecue chicken. Plus delicious vegetarian options including vegan sausages, New England-Style hearts of palm rolls and summer corn salad.

Saturday (6/15)


Acid is an experimental spirits company focused on up-cycling, locality and seasonality. Each bottle is small-batch distilled in Queens, New York.

Fortissimo Florals is a boutique design studio & tiny flower farm. We primarily grow dahlias and a few other select Summer Annuals.


Chris Hontos & Aaron Anderson are totally their own. The group's improvistional techniques, complex rhythms, and wide raning pallette will both mesmerize + invigorate you!

Sunday - 6/16

11:00AM - 12:00PM

We'll be led by members of the Lower East Side Cactus and Succulent Society in a step-by-step demonstration of how to prepare your growing medium, sow your seeds, and create habitable environments for your seedlings from germination through the first few months of growth.

All materials will be provided including seeds, growing media, pots, and libations. Workshop participants will go home with their very own rare plant starter kit packed with a variety of seeds from 12 different cactus and succulent species.

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